Body Treatments

Sculpture Body contouring with cupping and needle free acupuncture
60 mins   $195     

Body contouring with cupping is an ideal alternative to other invasive techniques.  Many people would like to have body contouring but aren’t keen to the idea of what it entails.  Cupping is an ancient technique used to give massages and is widely used for massage as well as body contouring today.  It’s a simple yet effective technique without the risk that other procedures cause. It’s also more cost effective than other expensive treatments.
If you choose to use this alternative method,  you’ll be excited and will greatly benefit from the wide array of benefits it provides.  But first,  let’s take a look at what body contouring with cupping actually is.  It’s been used for thousands of years.  The applied methods have varied a little across time but the main idea is the same.  Using a circular,  glass or plastic cup (a bulb looking tool) the therapist suctions the cup at the site where contouring is desired.  The cup creates a vacuum seal and that part of the body is caught up into the cup and therapiest will move the cup around the area needed .  The therapist continues doing this in all the necessary spots for body contouring.  It can be a little bit painful but there’s no risk,  surgery,  or injections involved.
People have different trouble areas but there are some areas that are more commonly treated using body contouring with cupping.  Common areas include the thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen.  The cupping technique provides cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification; improves circulation and muscle tone; and provides necessary nutrients for optimal health and wellness of muscles and tissues in the body.  By using the cupping massage technique you’ll notice immediate results in appearance but also in the way your body feels.
Though your main reason for using this technique is to experience body contouring with cupping,  you’ll actually receive added benefits as well.  Just as massage is used for pain relief,  release of tension,  anxiety reduction,  healing,  and anxiety reduction, this treatment will promote those in your body as well. All of the benefits of cupping will be yours as well as contouring trouble areas of your body.  Body contouring using cupping therapy will provide an invigorating experience while smoothing out imperfections and producing a healthier feel and look.  

HERBAL BODYWRAP   60 min  $99 & up

Lucia’s Bodywrap utilizes a combination of herbal treatments used to detoxify the skin and loosen any reservoirs of fat throughout the body. The treatment begins with covering the body in a detoxifying clay mask. Once that is completed the body is wrapped under a heated blanket while the scalp is soothingly massaged to open up the main channel. After 45 minutes, the solution is removed with damp warm towels and followed by a massage using a firming cream from our natural products. This treatment is encouraged if you want to minimize cellulite, promotes inch loss, and releases toxins.

CUPPING   45min   $80 & up

As an ancient Chinese theraputic form, cupping is the ideal deep tissue massage. The cups are placed throughout the body to creating a vacuum suction  that draws up the underlying tissue. It affects up to 4 inches into the tissue and is great for triggering the lymphatic system to activate, release toxins, eliminate colon blockages and most importantly clear our viens. Lucia’s Health and Beauty uses Cupping to aid in activating and clearing the arteries and capillaries. For clients who have internal imbalances that are causing skin breakage or dark pigmentations, getting a cupping appointment before an eco-friendly herbal skin treatment is highly advised. Cupping can be used to revive the skin, eliminate stretch marks and improve varicose veins.


IONIC FOOT DETOX   30 mins   $40

With Our Ionic detox foot spa treatment, your cody is completing an electrical circuit where a small current, too low for your to feel. is passed through your body stimulation and creating an energizing and refreshing effect. At the smae time, a larger current is directed to the array placed in water.  The array contains two sets of netal plates or rings, one set of which act as the anode and reduction at the cathode. AS part of this process, gas is released, either oxygen of hyforgen. Bubbles will form dependent on the amount of fats released from the body during the process. The treatment will infuse your body with negative ions to balance relax, refresh, restore and de-stress.